Driver Fatally Injured by Passing Vehicle After Collision


A driver who walked away from an initial collision in Spokane, Washington, was then struck and killed by a passing vehicle, according to a recent report by

According to the report, the driver was in a Toyota pickup that collided with a small delivery truck making an illegal right turn from the Sprague on-ramp at I-90 onto Third Avenue. The pickup driver stopped and got out of the vehicle to speak to the delivery truck driver. Once information was exchanged, the pickup driver reportedly began talking on his cellphone and walking back across the street to where he had parked his vehicle.

“He did not look to see if there was any oncoming traffic, and unfortunately there was a vehicle coming in the curb or outside lane and struck the pedestrian,” Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Chamberlin said. Rescue personnel were able to revive the man briefly, but he died shortly after arriving at a hospital.

Cell Phone and other Handheld Electronic Device Dangers

The fatality highlights the danger of being distracted by handheld electronic devices, even while walking.

Distracted while behind the wheel has been the focus of many safety advocates in recent years in much the way that drunk driving has been a concern. In fact, many say that distracted driving is as risky as drunk driving.

We are accustomed to communicating via cellphone, navigating with GPS devices and being entertained by tablets, in-vehicle DVD players and handheld electronic games. In the United States alone, over 170 billion text messages are sent each month. All of these electronic devices create a distraction for even the most competent multitasking individual.

Just as we have all adapted to using these electronic devices to make life easier and more convenient, we must learn to put them down at times when driving, walking or other activities require our full attention.

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