Driver Who Struck Cyclists May Have Used Prescription Drugs

One bicyclist was killed and a second bicyclist was injured recently in Maple Falls, Wash., when they were struck by a motorist who may have been under the influence of prescription drugs. The driver initially stopped but then sped from the scene, according to a news report. She later was arrested under suspicion of felony hit and run and admitted that she had been taking prescription medication at the time.

The two-lane road where the accident took place does not have a designated bike path and has fairly narrow shoulders. As a result, it appears that the bicyclists were in the roadway at the time of the accident. The law in the State of Washington is very clear with regard to bicyclists. “Every person riding a bicycle upon a roadway shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle by this chapter…” Motorists, therefore, are required to look out for bicyclists and do everything possible to avoid a collision.

Washington State Impaired Driving Laws

People often make the mistake of assuming that a drug that is legally prescribed by a physician cannot cause impairment for the purpose of an impaired driving arrest and prosecution. Under the laws of the State of Washington, and most other states, impaired driving can be caused by alcohol or drugs. Furthermore, both illegal and legal drugs can form the basis of an impaired-driving charge. Drivers can be charged with impaired driving if they are taking medication that causes drowsiness, confusion or other side effects that interfere with safe driving.

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