Fishermen Rescue Children after Horrific Accident in Washington

Two small children are likely alive today because two fishermen took the time to stop and look for them.

According to a report in the Oregonian, the local heroes were driving along a fairly isolated stretch of State Route 401 south of Naselle, Washington, on February 20 when they noticed a big scrape on a tree beside the roadway. The pair continued driving until they had cellphone service and contacted state troopers to find out if any accidents had recently occurred in the area. None had been reported; however, the men were still concerned. They returned to the scraped tree and got out of their vehicle. After making their way through the heavily wooded area and down an incline, they found two girls, ages four and two, huddled outside a car. The girls’ mother, who had been driving the vehicle, was dead. Investigators think she may have fallen asleep at the wheel and slammed the car into the tree.

Despite a serious leg injury, the older girl was able to pull her little sister out of the vehicle. The younger girl may also have suffered leg and head injuries. The sisters were curled up with a blanket in the cold until fishermen rescued them.

The girls’ father was a commercial fisherman who was coming into dock that night, and it appears that the mother was heading to pick him up. At some point along the way, she learned that his boat would be coming in farther south than originally planned and she had to change direction and head south.

One trooper at the scene said, “Two hundred people might drive by there and not even think about [the tree]. “It was amazing that they took the time to stop and walk back in there.”

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