The Overlooked Dangers of Speeding

If we are honest, most of us would have to admit to speeding, whether we go a few miles over the speed limit or put the “pedal to the metal.” We rationalize that everyone else speeds and that a few miles over the speed limit can’t possibly make much difference. The reality, however, is that speeding creates a greater crash risk than most people realize.

For the past couple of decades, experts and public service agencies focused on the risks of driving while intoxicated. More recently, the focus has shifted to the dangers of driving distracted, with the increased use of cellphones and other handheld devices. But we should not forget the risks associated with speeding, as well.

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, there were 1,045 speeding- related fatal collisions, which caused 1,166 deaths, on Washington State roadways from 2004 through 2008. To put those numbers in perspective, almost 40 percent of all traffic deaths during the time period were caused at least in part by speeding. Almost 250 people died each year in speeding-related crashes.

Even more troubling, 50 percent of all the deaths during the four-year period occurred in just five counties, including Yakima. King County had the highest percentage of fatalities with 21 percent, followed by Pierce with 12 percent, Snohomish with 9 percent, Yakima with 5 percent and Thurston with 5 percent. Almost 60 percent of all speeding-related crashes occurred in rural areas.

Three of every five drivers involved in speeding-related fatalities were also impaired by drugs or alcohol. Another one in five was driving distracted.

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