Prosser Traffic Accident Ends In Cattle Round-Up

News about yet another traffic accident is certainly nothing new. However, when the accident in question involves a cattle round-up and a collision with a law enforcement vehicle, the story becomes interesting, to say the least.

Such was the scene on Interstate 82 near Prosser recently when a tractor-trailer hauling cattle drifted off the interstate. According to news reports and the Washington State Patrol, the driver of the semi-truck drifted off the roadway, causing the vehicle to slide onto its side and eventually roll down an embankment. The truck was loaded down with over 40 cows that were headed to slaughter at the time of the accident.

Not surprisingly, the spooked cattle that were not injured or killed in the initial crash high-tailed it out of the truck at the first opportunity. Luckily, volunteer “cowboys” from the area helped round up the stray cattle throughout the day from nearby fields, vineyards and orchards. Just after the initial semi-truck crash occurred, a motorist who was likely paying more attention to the crash scene than the road plowed into the back of a Benton County Sheriff’s Deputy’s vehicle. The Sheriff’s Deputy was not injured, and the driver of the semi did not appear to have sustained serious injuries, but the tractor trailer he was driving was a total loss, according to reports.

Although this sounds like a scene from a Hollywood movie, accidents such as this happen more often than people think. In fact, this accident illustrates some of the more common, and potentially dangerous, themes from vehicular accidents. First, a semi-truck was involved which always raises the risk of serious harm to the victims due to the size and weight of the truck.

Second, the motorist who was “rubber-necking” represents one of the more typical reasons for a secondary accident at the scene of an initial crash. Finally, the cargo that was “spilled” when the truck crashed represents another frequent cause for concern when an accident occurs on a major roadway.

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