Tanker Truck Driver Killed in Three-Vehicle Collision

The driver of a tanker truck loaded with fuel died this month in a fiery, multi-vehicle collision on Interstate 5 near Federal Way, according to a news report. According to the Washington State Patrol, the incident started when the driver of a Nissan Altima lost control and struck a barrier. A Toyota Camry then slammed into the rear of the Nissan, and both vehicles went into the center lane, where they were struck by the fuel truck. The truck left the road and rolled onto its side; its tanks ruptured and the spilled fuel caught on fire. The driver of the Nissan was arrested on suspicion of vehicular homicide.

Tanker Truck Dangers

All large commercial vehicles pose a heightened risk to other motorists by virtue of their size and weight. Tanker trucks, in particular, can be extremely dangerous. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, about 800,000 tanker trucks are on the nation’s roads at any given time. These specialized trucks frequently carry hazardous materials, ranging from diesel fuel to radioactive waste material. When these trucks are involved in a collision, the hazardous material can spill or leak, sometimes causing fires or explosions.

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