Washington State Highway Site of Third Serious Crash in One Week

A woman was critically injured in September in the latest of three serious accidents within a week on a stretch of U.S. 2 in Snohomish County, Wash. The woman, 56, was a passenger in a Honda Accord that struck a dump truck attempting to merge onto the highway, according to a news report. The Honda’s driver and another passenger suffered apparently minor injuries. Four days earlier, a driver was fatally injured in a three-vehicle collision when his van crossed the center line on a curve. The day before that, the driver of a stolen vehicle was killed in a head-on collision that also injured a father and son.

Washington State Car Accidents

According to the National Transportation Highway Safety Administration, 458 people were killed as a result of auto accidents in the State of Washington in 2010, the latest year for which statistics are available. Thousands more are seriously injured in car accidents each year across the State of Washington.

Although the cause of the Sept. 11 crash on U.S. 2 remains under investigation, it was apparently was a rear-end collision, which is the most common type of collision, according to statistics compiled by the National Safety Council. In a rear-end collision, there is a rebuttable presumption that the driver in the rear was at fault. This presumption exists because of the belief that the driver in the back is typically in a better position to prevent an accident than the person in the front. This presumption, however, does not mean that the rear-end driver is always at fault. Various facts and circumstances can overcome that presumption. For example, if the driver in the front suddenly slammed on brakes without warning or if the driver in the front pulled out in front of the driver in back, the presumption could be overcome.

Ask An Attorney About Compensation

Only an experienced car accident attorney can evaluate the unique set of facts and circumstances that surround a crash and determine who was at fault. In some cases, more than one party is negligent, or shares the blame, for an accident. If you have been injured in a Washington State car accident and you feel that someone else was at fault, you should have your case evaluated by the Washington State accident attorneys at Mariano Morales Law. You may be entitled to compensation for your economic and non-economic injuries. For example, you could be compensated for your medical bills, lost time from work, and repairs to your vehicle, as well as for the pain and suffering caused by the accident.

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