Washington State Survey Offers Insights into Drivers’ Behavior

A federal and state initiative has states conducting annual driver surveys to find out what drivers think about their own and others’ driving behavior and to gauge awareness of safety campaigns. The results of the 2011 Washington State Driver Attitudes, Knowledge, and Awareness survey were recently released with some interesting results.

Knowledge of Safety Campaigns

The survey results show that drivers overall are aware of important safety messages. Specifically, 76 percent remembered reading, hearing or seeing messages related to drunken driving enforcement efforts. Campaigns related to seatbelt use and speed enforcement appear to be slightly less successful, remembered by 65 percent and 59 percent, respectively, of drivers. More importantly though, 75 percent of drivers believed that they would receive a traffic ticket for speeding just eight miles per hour over the posted speed limit and a full 90 percent believed that they would be arrested for drunken driving in the State of Washington.

Driving Behavior

The survey also offers a rare look into how drivers really behave when no one is watching. Of the drivers who admitted drinking alcohol within the previous 60 days, 10 percent also admitted to getting behind the wheel within two hours after consuming alcohol. The survey also confirmed what many experts have warned about distracted driving. Three-fourths of the respondents admitted to talking on a cellphone or texting while driving within the past 30 days. Not surprisingly, 18- to 34-year-olds were most likely to admit that they had texted or talked on the phone while driving. On a more positive note, two-thirds of drivers indicated that they never, or rarely, exceed 30 mph in a 25-mph zone.

The survey was created by the State of Washington; however, some of the questions were developed and tested by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the Governors Highway Safety Association. Participants were randomly selected from drivers who were renewing their licenses at license branches throughout the state.

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