Yakima Area Car Accident Attorneys Warns Consumers about Counterfeit Air Bags

Yakima area car accident attorney Mariano Morales urges consumers to heed a recent advisory by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration about the use of counterfeit airbags to replace those damaged in some vehicle accidents. The NHTSA issued the advisory this month after receiving numerous complaints from consumers and testing airbags that were marketed as genuine replacement parts. The NHTSA found that the airbags in question were very convincing counterfeits. These airbags may look the same as the original airbags that came with your vehicle, and they may even have a logo or insignia as well as the name of a vehicle manufacturer on them. In fact, the counterfeit airbags have even fooled repair shops.

Testing by the NHTSA has uncovered a wide range of problems with the counterfeit airbags from not deploying to shooting out metal fragments when they do deploy. These problems could result in serious injuries to drivers and passengers.

You should contact the call center set up by your vehicle manufacturer if you:

  • Had airbags replaced within the past three years at a repair shop that is not part of a new car dealership;
  • Purchased a used car that may have sustained an airbag deployment;
  • Own a car with a title branded salvage, rebuilt, or reconstructed; or
  • Bought replacement airbags from eBay or other noncertified sources—especially if they were purchased at unusually low prices (i.e. less than $400);

Among other functions, the NHTSA investigates complaints that relate to vehicles and roadways. If the NHTSA finds a reason for concern, or concludes that a vehicle is defective in any way, it issues a warning or recall. Although the NHTSA’s advisories and recalls are publicly available, many people never read them, which could put them at risk of being injured in a car accident.

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