Yakima’s Most Dangerous Intersections Get Attention

As Yakima grows and drivers continue to take safety risks, Yakima’s busiest intersections are becoming more dangerous, KIMA-TV reports. Residents and law enforcement agree that the increased use of cellphones and other electronic devices, coupled with speed related factors, is making many Yakima intersections more hazardous for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Based on accident data for 2012, the Yakima Police Department Traffic Division has compiled a list of the 10 most dangerous intersections. The top four had a total of 96 accidents during 2012, according to the report. Of those, almost half included injuries. First Street and Washington Avenue topped the list with a total of 31 accidents, followed by First Street and Nob Hill Boulevard, 40th and Nob Hill, and 40th and Fruitvale Boulevard.

Despite warning signs, increased traffic lights and improved roads, the intersections that made the Top 10 list are getting more dangerous. Officials say that careless drivers play a significant role in the increased number of accidents, with distracted driving being the leading cause. “They’re looking up, they’re looking down, they’re looking up, they’re looking down,” police Sgt. Jay Seely said. “They’re not focused on driving.” Nationally, distracted driving is an increasing concern as well. Drivers are relying more and more on cellphones and navigational devices — devices that take a driver’s eyes and focus off of the road.

Law enforcement officers from Yakima, Union Gap and the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office are sharing a $52,000 state grant to try to reduce accidents at these intersections. Starting in March, officers will work overtime to patrol First Street and Nob Hill to enforce distracted driving laws in the hope of cutting the number of accidents in half.

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