Jennifer Lara

Jennifer was born in Anaheim, California, and relocated to Yakima, Washington when she was five years old, where she grew up and graduated from Davis High School in 2011. She is a single mother to an 11-year old child with a heart of gold whom she adores spending time with.  She began working as a receptionist for Mariano Morales in 2019 and enjoys her job every day.  She has broadened her knowledge and assisted clients with their needs.  Working with the Morales team, whom she calls a second family, has taught her everything she knows and helped her advance to become one of the law firm’s case managers. Her responsibilities include staying in regular contact with clients to ensure they are receiving the finest therapy and medical care possible. Building a close relationship with my clients because she gets to tell their story.  “I love working for the firm because I feel like a valued member of the team, being allowed to grow and show my potential.”