Liliana Jimenez

Liliana was born and raised in the lower valley by her mother, who she owes much of her success to. She is happily married to her soulmate of 22 years and has four amazing children. On her free time, she enjoys family gatherings, camping or simply lounging at home watching movies with her husband and kids.

Liliana is friendly, caring and professional. She joined the Law Offices of Mariano Morales Jr. in October 2015. Previously she worked for a worker’s compensation law firm where she gained over 5 years of experience in worker’s compensation claims with the Department of Labor and industries. She’s brought her experience dealing with insurance companies to Morales Law. She graduated from Heritage University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s in American Cultural Studies with a dual degree in English. Liliana is fluent in written and spoken Spanish.

“In the time, I have worked for Morales Law Office, I’ve expanded my knowledge on insurance law. I enjoy helping each one of my clients by understanding their individual needs. I like to listen to them and have compassion and understanding during, what can be, a difficult time in their lives. I enjoy working with my team because we are all a piece of the puzzle, in getting our clients’ cases resolved. My duties include keeping close contact with my clients and making sure they receive the treatment they need and addressing their concerns.”